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What is a premium domain name?

And why do you need this one?

According to Entrepreneur magazine, “A vanity URL (or premium/vanity domain name) is an easy-to-remember URL often used to promote a particular product or service.” Vanity domain names typically redirect to a landing page on existing websites (which is relatively quick work for most website builders). Another solid explanation can be found here.

Advertising campaigns all hope to pique interest, drive traffic and convert the curious into customers. A potential customer, especially one who has been considering a cosmetic procedure, will have an immediate reaction to the domain name because your expertise is baked into the name itself.

Not every cosmetic procedure provider is savvy in the ways of the Web, that’s understandable. But one concept everyone can understand:
Even if you don’t think you need the domain name…do you want your competition to have it?

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A good domain name is easy to remember...a great domain name is hard to forget.

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